Tuesday, September 14, 2010


One of the quintessential, outrageous comedy of all-time by Billy Wilder. When he made it, its taboo and risky territory for both Hollywood star/actors and director to make a successful cross dressing comedy full of spoofs poking fun at gender sexuality but Wilder made a cheerful package loaded with fun and entertainment with all the ingredients in perfect formulaic balance.

Two unemployed musicians accidentally witness a gangster shootout in early thirties of Chicago and escape under disguise of woman and unite with girl band on train. Both of them lured by vulnerable charm of lead singer Sugar, without revealing their true identity under circumstances when gangsters are still on chase. Wilder managed to get fine performances, chemistry between actors with hilarious situations, cleverly written cheesy gags and fine timing. The difficult task was not just looks like a woman but behave like a one in presence of mythical beauty Marilyn Monroe and both Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are so convincingly play their parts without making it too burlesque. Poor Lemmon, its Curtis who got all the long kisses from Marilyn!!! Monroe is immortal beauty for sure showing all her gifted curves and Wilder who directed her in ‘The Seven Year Itch’, summed up his experience working with the most popular pin up girl of all-time: “More has been written about Marilyn Monroe than about World War II, and there are many similarities.”

Though AFI’s top rating as the Best comedy ever made is quite disputable; the film is nostalgic classic of old Hollywood.


PS- Bollywood’s Rishi-Neetu starrer ‘Rafoo chakkar’ is cent percent rip off this classic.

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