Sunday, November 30, 2008


“It is so simple to be happy but it is so difficult to be simple,” quoted Rajesh Khanna in the film. It’s simplicity & light hearted movie making of Hrishida which made him one of the most popular film director of India. If I have to choose only one best Indian Director, I will chose him without a single doubt and this isn’t any exaggeration at all. His every films I’ve seen innumerable times & still left with the feeling to watch it again.
Hrishida was such a genius director that even big superstars like Big B & Kaka (khanna) agree to do any sort of thing he told them to do. For example in this film, he convinced Big B to narrate the title credits of the film just like a stage play & also convinced Khanna (a Big superstar then) to do a role of home cook(Bawarchi). How Khanna entered in Shanti Niwas & changed the dynamics of a constantly quarreling family into a lovable bonding is just watch worthy.
Along with really a fine act of Rajesh Khanna there are few more stalwarts of Hrishda’s films like Jaya Bhaduri & Asrani who also shared their light hearted act in this film.
I’ve seen Govinda- David Dhavan’s ‘Hero no-1’ & Sanju Baba starrer ‘Khoobsurat’& both are direct rip off of this film but it’s always original which stays classic.
As one of my friend Digant said to me that this film won’t make you laugh louder in the funny scenes but make your face smile from beginning to end. So true.

Recommended to all Hrishida’s fans.


The movie opens with a disclaimer television screening of a personal camcorder video document covering multiple sightings of an unusual attack telecasted by US Govt. Next we see the images retrieved by a personal handheld camera at the incident site. As the film rolls the multiple shots, we feel that apart of all main characters who handled the camera, it’s we who are behind the viewfinder.
The whole movie is documented with hand held camcorder & this is something experimentally unique side of the film specially when the movie is not a documentary but an entertaining motion picture of Hollywood representing something unusual like alien attack .So Camera is the real hero here, capturing rough & jerking images & it begins with a farewell party of Rob in small New York apartment who’s going for his big assignment in Japan & ends up with an unusual attack & chaos in the city. This is altogether different experience of watching an aliens attack flick which less captured glorifying special visual effects images but focusing the chaos & panic of the street told with an eye of camera in time. Director Matt Reeves successfully absorbs the audience connection with the panic struggle & emotional turmoil of 4 protagonists in the film from beginning to end.
The end was something which is the only unexpected factor which occurs much before even completion of 1 hour 15 minutes duration. Kudos to the cameraman Michael Bonvillain for his thinking out of box camera work.
It’s gripping, exciting & awesome entertainment.

Recommended strongly.

P.S- After writing this I’ve just gone through the IMDB review which mentioned that movie’s camera projection is copy of The Blair Witch Project. Anyone who has seen both just pass the comments on this.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

SIN CITY (2005)

3 creative & original geniuses –Director & Graphic Novelist Frank Miller, Ace Cinematographer & Visual effects supervisor Robert Rodriguez & Stylish Screen maverick Quentin Tarantino teamed up together & the result is edgy, racy, stylistic, slick, graphic film. The mesmerizing graphic frame images of the film are so scintillating & wonderfully shot in dark tinted images with sharp contrast of B&W & highlighted flashy digital Colors that you can’t stop praising Rodriguez for his creative camera touch & it’s really very difficult to judge - who’s the real full length director of the film - Tarantino or Miller. Because not only the look of the film (blood gushing graphics) but the rough narration style & the dialogues (read: slangs) gave me the feelings of watching Tarantino flick.
The plot is set against a morally bankrupt sin city where cops are corrupt & streets are deadly with goons. Out of three narrations, its Bruce Willis story of an old man & the girl (whom he had saved twice & forever) stays something like a plot in the film. But it’s not a plot which is so important here…’coz it’s splendid graphic film noire.
The movie has pretty glamorous star cast stuffed with Willis, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen & Mickey Rourke. But it’s Rourke & Willis’ characters who tried hard in their performances.

A Must watch Film Noir.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


In the time of today’s Middle East crisis Ridley Scott comes with his own version of truths & lies and it’s really worthy to watch film of the year. The film portrays the face of today’s Smart Jihad driven terrorism & how they are outsmarting techno-savvy US intelligence. Its movie about sketchy distorted premise of Middle East crisis & damn good detailing execution of America’s CIA involvement with Ridley Scott’s honest effort.
It’s pathetic to see the waste of such a fine actor like Russel Crowe with often repeated ‘down the specs gesture’ without exploiting even 10% of his talent. But Leonardo DiCaprio has done totally commendable job here & he’s really growing up as more & more refined actor & showing really fine & gritty performances back 2 back after his collaboration with Martin Scorsese (Gangs of New York, The Aviator, The Departed), And he absolutely remains the real scene stealer here whether it’s his restrained romance with nurse or stuck in a situation job of CIA man.
Impressive & engaging drama.

Ratings- 7.5/10

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

12 ANGRY MEN (1957)

It’s case of 18 years old boy who killed his own father with a knife & there are enough testimonials & proofs to prove him guilty. A jury consists of 12 men has been appointed to solve this court trial with their unanimous vote in a room. Now this is not the usual plot. It’s the thesis of the film. How it become anti-thesis & arrives in the end with synthesis on a discussion table among these 12 jury is a thing to watch here. Sidney Lumet has directed so many brilliantly scripted films but this one is his real masterpiece & remains classic forever. Without a doubt this is Henry Fonda’s career best performance played with a reasonable nuance. Lee J. Cobb as the last stubborn man standing also did a brilliant work.

Highly Recommended.


Monday, November 24, 2008

BARAN (Iranian) (2001)

It is not bulky classic novels but little short stories of literature which remains in your memory long-lasting once you finished it. Majidi’s films are like simple beautiful piece of art, it’s same as reading Oscar Wilde or O Henry’s classic short stories. He knows very well where to mark underline & where to put ellipsis in a film.
Set in Iran, it tells the story of an afghani refugee working father whose leg injury threatens his family’s future. A child of his starts working on behalf of his father at construction site. A young co-worker named Lateef’s burning hate towards child transformed by a surprising discovery that a child is a young woman in disguise. For the first time in his life, he’s in love. He keeps the secret to his heart & helps her with utter unconditional devotion that will change the whole dynamics of his life.
Well it’s more difficult to make a simple artistic film than making a complex piece of art & its Simplicity & portrayal of natural emotions in his films which is striking the right chords. Silence of the girl is the most felt part of the film. And what a poetic end- the last foot print impression of the girl in his life, that even rain can’t wash it away.
A beautiful piece of art.

Do I have to say Must Watch?

FATHER (Iranian title-PEDAR) (1996)

I have heard a lot about this Iranian film director- Majid Majidi from many universal film lovers & after watching it I will try to catch his next as soon as possible. He impressed me with his natural simplicity of story telling (the theme) expressing human emotions as realistic as possible. It’s story of an Iranian boy who migrated to other town to play his responsibility for the family after his father’s untimely death & returns home with gifts & money for his mother & sisters. At his return he faced disconcerting reality: his mother remarried with a police man. He refused to accept his new father & new home. Under which circumstances director brought them together in the end is a thing to watch & not write. Film has just four main characters & none of them are professionally trained one but he managed to fix them so goddamn natural, grasping their subtle & intense universal emotions. My favorite moment is its end which is so poetical especially when a photograph slips so naturally into the stream to its right direction…that your eyes can’t believe it’s the end. The film clicks to me especially with its universality of theme depicting father-son relationship, emotional bonding in distress which reminds it viewer that world is so large yet so small if you pick the right emotion.
A movie made with 100% Heart & Soul.
Must 4 all meaningful cinema lovers.


Sunday, November 23, 2008


I agree that Seth Rogen is being seen in almost every next Hollywood comedy this days but I also believe that he is one of the spontaneous comedian & quite perfect in good for nothing fellow roles. This movie represents him in a complete fun package. The movie is full of gags, adult humor & successfully tickles your funny bones in first half (if u like this sort of loud gag bag comedy), even the sentimental lines of the film remain the hilarious one but in second half it turned to show up some sentimental part. Katherine Heigl played a girl next door role here with her characteristic charm.
Worth to watch if u like Comedy of Rogen.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

28 DAYS LATER (2002)

A deadly virus infection rapidly transmitted in a drop of blood devastated the cities. The infected are permanent murderers of humanity. Within 28 days whole country got infected & a few survivors begin their attempts to protect the future of humanity. But deadly virus is not the only thing that threatens them. It is the second half of movie which intrigues you completely. Many movies have been made on such a theme but a few has done such a justice to its treatment of horror & terror as this one. Some scenes are really striking & original ones & Credit must go to Director Danny Boyle.

Ratings- 7/10

Friday, November 21, 2008


Daniel Craig is Joe Scott, a Hollywood star who ruined his career as a self indulgent fool in drugs, sex, alcohol & pathetic behavior. After initial few moments in the ruined life of Scott, the movie turned into the flashback showing the absurd youth & the tragic blunders of teenager Scott. Some scenes make me think- i.e. a scene which started with pure lust & ends with a permanent lost of child by a careless, jealous & lust driven neighborhood mother. The scene is really beautifully portrayed showing the momentum of all the characters simultaneously representing different natural human instincts of infatuation, innocence, absurdity, responsibility, care & carelessness. More than the character study the film displays the absurdity of young age & how it grips & entangles one’s life for once & forever. One more natural scene gets the attention in the end when out of the flashback Scott went back to cemetery to attend the funeral of his friend who married with his first dated girl & it’s so real & natural. Yes, Craig tried to act here leaving his Bond image aside but its portrayal which seems more praiseworthy. It also has certain nudity of Craig (absolutely unnecessary) & boring moments as well. The movie has certain eye candy long shots reflecting ocean & meadows. Direction & script is credible.

Recommend 2 watch.

Ratings- 7/10

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I started watching this film without much expectation & its totally surprised me in all positive tones.From the very first five minutes its kind of feeling grips me that am watching some quality cinema made for children & it seriously steal my heart away with its sheer beauty as it progressed further with loads of adventure, thrill & innocence. Guys, I seriously believe that in all of us there is a child living inside us, full of natural curiosity & innocence and this movie is a beautiful reflection & rendition of it.
Two 12 year old boys landed a twin engine airplane on busy highway accidently & What happened next to the boys after police returned them to their homes is simply a thing to watch & so am not gonna tell you anything further, simply to make you watch it with surprise.
Film scores points not only in performances but also in execution of the story, candid aerial photography & ends up as an adventurous inspirational tale for every kid as well as adults. Gr8 act by two boys- , Tom Sizemore, Stephen Baldwin & rest of the all actors.

Without a doubt, its seriously one of the beautifully made refreshing film of the year still unnoticed by many.
At the end of the movie one can feel to give it repeat shot. Thumbs up to Director Rocco Devilliers & I seriously waiting to see his next…

Must Watch.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Its complete hilarious messed out American humor from start to finish. Although I generally don’t like this kind of comedy, the movie makes me laugh loudly. Gr8 jobs done by Seth Rogen & James Franco. It’s stuffed with situational fix, loud fun & weird comedy & its quite hard to execute for the director with such a loony script. Franco just played his character with loads of fun. Since we haven’t seen much comedy this year, this is surely rocking one to laugh out louder. The only thing I dislike is the portrayal of unnecessary violence. Its outrageous fun ride & worth a look.

Ratings- 7/10

Monday, November 17, 2008


This part takes forward the story of the Pride Rock with King Simba passing through the same phase as his father in first part. His small baby lion princess named Kiara is just a carbon copy of cute young Simba of first part. The exiled lioness (Scar’s better half) is back with his son Kovu for some villain act. Romance flourish between Kiara & Kovu & Kovu takes the side of just. Almost the movie seems like the repetition of the first part with half hearted attempt. The music soundtrack is too ordinary compared to classic first part. There is no freshness in either story or fun among characters & that’s makes film dull & quite boring. So in short second part is letdown in every department.



Disney has created so many lovable animation characters but the young Simba- the cute & innocence cub will remain one of the most memorable characters in animation genre. The Music Composition of the film is my all-time favorite Original Motion Picture Sound Track & Elton John has done class act here with three mesmerizing tracks-“Circle of life” & “Can you feel the love tonight”& “I just can’t wait to be king”. And it won 2 Oscars for its music. Along with Simba there are two other characters- Timon & Pumba as helping hands of Simba & the most cunning uncle Scar. This film has nicely paved the way of creative animation music score trend in Hollywood’s animation entertainers.
Must watch stuff 4 all animation lovers.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Never turn your back on past. Well this is the tagline & theme of the film but the movie has nothing new to offer except an average western revenge drama shot in snowy region & average performances by two fine actors- Liam Neeson & Pierce Brosnan(totally wasted). Aged Brosnan looks like an aged tiger with all his long grey beard & facial get up. The movie is wasted almost two third of the part in chase & trail between this two players & the reason why they are doing this is revealed which one can already grasp in beginning itself. The only thing I like is its unconventional end & nicely shot natural locations. I saw it on star movies last night & its frequent on it if u wanna have a look.

Ratings- 4.8/10

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Welcome to the under water animation city created by talented animation team of DreamWorks. Don Leno is aged shark now & he is happy with his one of his successor Frankie who is just like him- a killer shark but he dies accidentally & now its Lanny, the other harmless & weak offspring who becomes a matter of worry for him because he is a vegetarian shark. Oscar is an ordinary shark washer who loves boasting about himself as shark slayer & it’s a character full of fun. The movie has a great star cast in voice over- Will Smith, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger & Jack Black. The title was quite dubious as its not a tale of Shark but pretended Shark slayer Oscar as a main character. But Oscar is really fun to watch & Will has done nice V.O. But the main drawback of the film is its low conceptualization.
An average animation entertainer.

Ratings- 6/10

Friday, November 14, 2008


Few films in the history of cinema have received as much analysis & acclaim as ‘Citizen Kane’. This is most admired film of all times & considered by many thinking men as a best piece of cinema by legendary actor, film maker Orson Welles. It is debut film of Orson Welles as a Director.
America’s largest & most powerful landlord of Xanadu & Newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Cane died with the last uttered word ‘Rosebud’ in the very initial scene. Next we see News clips & documentary featuring the power & riches story of his biography including his rise & fall of empire covered by every news agency of the world. Now the million dollar question for the reporters is who or what this last spoken word ‘Rosebud’ supposed to mean. The flashbacks of Cane’s life unfold by the other characters reveals the life story of social & personal ups & down of his life & its really sentimental & realistic portrayal I have ever seen. Welles has told the story of a man increasingly captive of his own needs. Even as the suspense about “Rosebud” unfolds in the last scene to the audience, it still remains enigma to figure out what it is.
Orson Welles has done remarkable work here in acting & direction & production at the age of 25 & its simply his inborn talent. Its character not only the character of lifetime for him but for the world of cinema to cherish forever.
The movie’s technical brilliance lies in its landmark B&W cinematography by George Toland with apt use of light & shadow & deep focus photography. One can also notice the powerful lines of dialogues & speech uttered by Cane throughout the film. Most of the principal actors in ‘Citizen Cane’ were new to the motion picture & yet everyone performed extraordinary especially Joseph Cotten as Jad.
The movie is regarded as the “world’s best film by Sight & Sound magazine in the last 40 years (1962-2002). It is quite sad to know that it was flop at box office but gradually became admirable classic as time passed. Nominated for 9 awards at 1942 Academy awards it only won one: Best Original Screenplay.

A Pure Gold.

Ratings- 10/10

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Its story of a baby pig who changed the history of pigs- by making impossible possible. Its cute film with nice voice over. Its fun to watch Babe & his fellow animal mates- Dog family, a duck who want to be a cock, a cunning cat, sentimental sheep mom & others. The character of Duck is really fantastic & has a loads of fun. The movie has only two human characters- Mr. Hogget (James Cromwell as the master) & his fatty wife. The movie is not special treat but an Ok entertainer if you want to have a break for an hour or so from usual Hollywood routine. The climax of the film is really heart touching as Rex – the dog who hate Babe initially, helped him in the need of time to win a sheepdog competition.
It’s a cute film teaching the message of love, peace & harmony.



The first thing which is noticeable about the movie is the cast- George Clooney, Brad Pitt, John Malcowich, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand & Richard Jenkins. Last years academy award director duo-Coen Brothers are back this year with what they are best at- wry dark humor & situational fix drama but this time burning their bucks on huge star cast (as you see the above list).
CIA agent Cox was fired & his CD containing his memoirs became the object of turmoil in every character’s lives. It’s quite complicated & insulting for the film if I write anything further about the story because that will mar the mood for its viewers.
Well the movie is short & so every character has to play a limited time roll & scenes to show their talents within the complicated script. For example- Brad Pitt’s character is just surprising & seems like a guest appearance. Apart of all the characters & actors here the script is the real hero. Out of all glossy star cast the full marks goes to Francis McDormand’s performance that put a life in such a complicated character. Movie isn’t brilliant piece compared to the early track record of Coen Brothers but it’s definitely one of the fine attempts of the year representing the meaningless tragedy depicting human absurdity with black humor.
Worth a look.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


The movie bagged 5 Academy Awards, including Best Picture (Michael Cimino), Best Actor (Robert De Niro) & Best Supporting Actor (Christopher Walken) in 1978. Its definitely critically acclaimed, extraordinary, powerful film featuring a group of steelworker friends. The story takes turn towards their deer hunting grounds & gradually to lethal Vietnam War. Well the story turns to different trajectory once they signed for Vietnam War. Its compelling drama of friendship & courage among adversity, difference of personality & a shattering emotional experience. The film has strong casting with De Niro, Meryl Streep, John Cazale, & Christopher Walken in memorable roles. The only drawback which I found is its tad 3 hour length & with director’s penchant for detail, some time film becomes so slow & boring especially in the first half which is wasted on long wedding ceremony for character development. But the second half is totally absorbing, dark & realistic. Watch out De Niro’s mind blowing expressions in the scene on betting gun table where he & Walken were constantly slapped by Vietnamese soldiers or the scene where he ventured 12000 miles away to get Walken & he refused to identify him on gunning table once again.
Sure give it one shot.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SURF’S UP (2007)

Cody is the best surfer penguin of the Antarctica is the narrator & the hero of the story who has only one motive- to run away from life & responsibility & surf day & night, Big Z is his inspirational childhood role model. There is also Cody’s big bro, mother, his surf promoter, Cody’s friend Chicken Joe & certain other interesting animated characters to cherish in this film. It’s not only enough, here’s whole SPEN (Sports Penguin Entertainment Network) which held Big Z Memorial Surfing competition every year. There’s 9 time defending champion anti-hero bully penguin named Tank. Talent scouts impressed by Cody select him for the world champion Surf competition. Well Cody also has crush on lifeguard Lany who saved his life once. By chance Cody surprisingly meets Big Z- his role model whom everyone declared dead. Big Z be his mentor & trained him for the championship. The movie has a surprised thrilling end but its not get your morals down.
What I love most about the film is that every character is directly approach with the audience. The movie is a cute little funny animation entertainer. Yes, guess what- the movie is a classic piece of animation. Kudos to director duo- Ash Brannon & Chris Buck & SONY Pictures.
Give this film a sure look dudes, you will surely love it.


Monday, November 10, 2008


Its out n out children film but it lacks the adventure part which is central in this genre. Cinematography & visual effects are good but its very flat & predictable one. Well you can catch some classic natural visuals of scotland in the film. Movie has fun part when the child got the egg of water horse & how he secretly keep him away with the help of his sister & plumber. Its avaerage children film with some nice visual effects & common story.
Watch once if you like this genre.
Ratings- 6.2/10

NEXT (2007)

Frank Cadillac(Nicholas Cage)is a showman magician & can predict what’s gonna happen next & hence he can save his ass from every possible trouble of life & sometime manipulate the situation in his favor. The best thing about knowing future is that you can alter it. Julianne Moore is a special agent who smelled this miraculous prediction ability of Frank & she needs him to save citizens of US from a nuclear catastrophe about to happen in US. Jessica Biel has nothing to do except being pretty young love interest of Cage. Director has taken full liberty in action sequence manipulating the future seeing plot of the hero & its really interesting one.
Cage looks aged now but he has certain amount of charm in his personality which suits him. The movie is good in production value to entertain if you are looking for an hour & half cool entertainment but after first half of the movie it becomes so predictable & that’s where it sucks.

No harm in watching once.
Ratings- 6/10

Sunday, November 9, 2008

RAN (1985) (Japanese)

The movie is a Japanese adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘King Lear’ from the legendary director Akira Kurosawa. King Hidetora Ichimonji is 70 years old now. Among all of his three sons-Taro, Jiro & Saburo, he chose his eldest son Taro as a successor of his throne & demanded his other two sons to support him. The youngest son Saburo is prankster but the wisest & he isn’t happy with this decision & rejected the idea. So the king banished him from the kingdom. And rest lies royal conspiracy, treachery & human tragedy.
The movie is maybe the first color film of Kurosawa & rich with detailing cinematography, epic in its scale. It is also technically sound & polished film by Kurosawa. Watch the violent enemy attack tragedy scene inside the castle- a hall of fame of Kurosawa touch. The movie reflects too didactic in its approach. But without doubt its one of darkest drama he had made reflecting his fascination with history of human insanity. I missed Toshiro Miffune in the film - an inseparable part of almost all his masterpiece films.
Must watch if you like Kurosawa films.



Now I am seriously not expecting this from 007 film. The movie scored more over negative points than positive ones & its seriously worst recent experience from most awaiting film of the year. Well let me tell you very honestly why I feel sad for this film-

# There is no essence in the script required in Bond films
# It seems throughout the movie if you keep aside Bond that you are watching some B grade Revenge action drama
# M looks helpless & totally out of power in almost every scenes
# Movie missed the most expected one-liner- …name is BOND…
# There’s no spark in action sequences expected from Bond movies (Casino Royale has several …remember initial chase scene)
# The film portrayed most unimpressive & ridiculous villain of Bond films & out of sync in his act as well as personality
I know I hurt your expectations while writing this but Kya Karen yaar…Sachchai yahi hai…When you burned your 200 bucks & not get what you want!!!
But above all these defects I will give full credits to Daniel Craig because he is the only Hope & he saved the grace & maintained the dignity of Bond.

Just Average entertainer.

Ratings- 6/10

Saturday, November 8, 2008


A couple soon going to be married has to complete a Marriage preparation course made compulsory by a Reverend Frank for 100% guaranteed successful marriage & it’s not an easy ride. They have to follow wedding vows, attend the classes regularly & get abstain from sex, handle robotic infant twins etc.etc.during the course. Robin Williams is one of prominent comedian of Hollywood but if you don’t have humor in script, even God can’t save it. In film like situational fix there’s lot of room for funny incidents & that’s what is missing in the film. Mandy Moore just looks like a girl next door & she is the only one who tried to act here apart of Robin. Film has just a few funny moments to explore. It’s not every time that American humor makes Indian laugh & this is good example of it.
Below average.

Ratings- 4.5/10

Friday, November 7, 2008


Its fight among 10 Tough Convicts from all over the world on an unknown island. 9 will die. One will survive. It’s very simple game- In 30 hours time span either win or die. The event is telecasted all over the internet live action. Enjoy the game, who cares about human rights? Movie representing one more American tough Guy action with wrestling superstar Steve Austen. I don’t understand why the director wasted the reels over unnecessary emotional stuff, conscience calling & torturing scenes when film has so much space for more action. Well its part of reality show to shoot everything packaged in right amount & the question is raised in the movie on account of manipulation in the name of entertainment. But above all the movie raised an important question that who are the real condemned? Are they the ruthless participants? Are they the producers of the show Or WE the viewers, who watch the human manipulation in the name of reality entertainment?
One view worthy.

Ratings- 6.5/10


Its interesting title & not the interesting movie. So I was duped by title again.
A man with blue gloves murdered a stripper (Lindsay Lohan) few years back & some years back a girl identical with the stripper also amputated with the same killer. She saved her life but her one hand & one leg were severely amputated. Moreover she forgets her own identity & claims to be a different person under the delusion. Now it’s a case of FBI to solve the puzzle. But hey our brave heroine is here to solve it. As the film progressed we realize its nonsense case of stigmata twin sister identical with each other. What a crap? Except last 15 minutes the movie was total shit.
Well one of my observation while watching this movie is that Lohan looks exactly like Preity Zinta & its not only looks but also her dialogue delivery & voice which shares the similarity with her. But apart of this Lohan knows exposing better than act. The performances of all other actors were just mediocre. Don’t waste your mind & time.
Strongly Avoidable.

Ratings- 4.5/10

Thursday, November 6, 2008

AMELIE (2001) (French)

Have you ever realized that simple joys & pleasures of life lie in trivial details of human beings & not in any mundane thing of worldly pleasure or belongings. Can you believe one person can change your life? Welcome to the innocent & simple life of Amelie. Amelie is not only wonderful film but also amazing character played with such an ease by Audrey Tautau. Amelie is a cute girl & a waitress living in Paris who loves helping people around her with her own innocent sense of justice & gradually she discovers the love of her life. Its wonderful journey of her life in which she not only transforms the lives of others but also her own. Amelie is the most wonderful & loving female character on screen I have ever seen till day. While watching I can’t stop falling in love with her character & am sure its experience for all those who had already watched it. This is one of the films which will change your life. Watch this beautifully made film (if you haven’t) & you will absolutely agree with what I m saying.
Simply a Masterpiece of French Cinema.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

MEMENTO (2000)

A complete jigsaw puzzle thriller by this year’s most acclaimed Director Christopher Nolan. Here’s a story of a guy (Guy Pierce) who is searching the killer of her wife & lost his short term memory & so he is unable to remember even what happened just 15 minutes ago. He relied on his notes, tattoos all over his body & his Polaroid snaps- all made by him. Now the subject/plot itself is interesting which makes one compel to watch but this is not the only thing. Nolan has done something original & creative task here- he told the story in reverse order scene after scene which is the soul logic of the film. There are also alternate narratives told in color & B/W to separate the smooth narration & giving the clues to audience. I must say its brilliant & faultless editing I have ever seen. Along with Pierce, Carrie Anne Moss & Joe Pantoliano has done commending justice but real praise must go to the brilliant talent of Christopher Nolan for making never imagine masterpiece thriller. This is one of the most intelligently made movie I have ever seen.
A Compelling Must watch.

Ratings- 10/10

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The movie is an adaptation of the play by the same name starring James Stewart, Kim Novak, Jack Lemmon. Stewart played the role of a publicist who fell in love with Novak belong to witchcraft family. Lemmon played the role of Novak’s bro. The Gist of the story is Stewart was unaware about it & taking rational conclusions out of it. The chemistry of Stewart-Novak was sensational in Hitchcock’s Vertigo & it looks hot here. Stewart was best in playing confused characters & made a mark in Hitchcock’s two masterpieces- Vertigo & Rear Window. Novak was really enchantress blonde of the yesteryears.
An ordinary classic.
Ratings- 6/10


If you want to put your head & logic aside for a while & want to enjoy the madcap ride of fun then this is certainly good catch. Adam sandler is a dumbass chatterbox thief working for some big shark & undercover cop Damon Wayanas befriends him to nab the hook. Now they are hooked to remain with each other under circumstances unfavorable for both of them. The production & plot is off the hook & belong to B grade Hollywood entertainment but the hilarious buddy comic chemistry between lead pair is the sure fun to watch. Adam Sandler is fun to watch here with his all odd idiosyncrasies & funny lines.
No harm in watching it once.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

PAN’S LABYRINTH (2006) (Spanish)

Hollywood is famous for telling the fantasy tales but now the directors have a tough fight with this new talented Director Guillermo Del Toro because he knows the story telling better than any other talent in recent times. HellBoy I & II are the good examples of it. The best thing about the film is that just like any other Hollywood fantasy film, the special effects didn’t overlap the story & along with tale of fantasy there’s also another story of real world running parallel maintaining the same interest & director has successfully justified it till the end. As he showed the difference between the real world of mortals & the amazing immortal fantasy world in the climax. Its fantasy adventure journey into the world of a little girl Ophelia & the world of labyrinth where she has to complete three tasks before the moon is full. Its wonderfully written & directed film by Toro. The movie is not grand & lofty in visual scale compared to other fantasy tale & sometimes lack the pace but it scores point over its story telling art. The movie is entertainment for all ages. Its winner of 3 academy awards in Best Cinematography, Best Make up & Best Art Direction.
Worth Watch if you love Creative Imagination.

Ratings- 8.5/10