Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Rebecca Romjin-Stamos is a bitch to beware and irresistible femme fatale hard to avoid. She’s woman with inscrutable past and her new bait is paparazzi photographer played by Antonio Banderas. Brian De Palma’s this last made film opens with jigsaw puzzle kind of intriguing plot that unfolds the things at moments when you least expects it. Palma paid his homage to ‘Double Indemnity’ with the very first scene of the film and then continues to play with audience’s psychology like his inspirational Master Hitchcock. He knows damn well what to hide and what to reveal with camera, narration and complex characters. The brilliant high angle shots and fine voyeuristic camera work with erotic thrill remain thumbprint of De Palma thrillers and it’s not exception here. However I love and prefer to watch his earlier B movie thrillers like ‘Sisters’, ‘Body Double’ and ‘Dressed to Kill’.

Recommended to thriller fans.


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