Monday, June 29, 2009


It’s already blockbuster hit in US and UK and retaining number 1 position from the day of its release and certainly a finest comedy of current year.

Two days before his wedding Doug and his three friends drive to Las Vegas for blow-out bachelor party they’ll never forget. But when they wake up next morning, they found themselves in a mother of all screwed up condition which clear out their massive hangover. The whole room was in deep mess, Tiger in the bathroom, a guy with his two upper canine teeth got missing and an unwanted infant inside the rented hotel suite room and a surprising exit of Doug along with the car. As they start exploring what happened last night under the extreme intoxication, they meet the shocking incidents one after other.

Its unpredictability of what’s next bizarre situation with the guys which makes the whole film a ride of hilarious and quirky entertainment. The biggest surprise is the presence of yesteryears heavy weight champion Mike Tyson in the film.

Chill out entertainment…

Ratings- 7.5/10

Sunday, June 28, 2009


If you don’t think ‘Pulp Fiction’ is over rated and like to watch Quentin Tarantino-Guy Ritchie kind of tongue in cheek dark humor plus action entertainment than its movie for you. Outrageous dialogues full of black humor, weirdo characters, M TV video kind of cinematography and cheesy plot are some of the watch worthy elements about the film.

Four bunch of guys are stuck in a situation of heavy debt to a dangerous hit man who’s running porn house. In order to come out of this fix, they lead into one problem to another along with parallel running other sub plot.

Indeed it’s revealing for me to know that the director of the film is Guy Pierce, because from its plot and treatment it more seems like Coen Bros. film.
Director Neeraj Vora directly ripped off the whole plot of this film in making ‘Phir Herapheri’. But where Director Guy Pierce has maintained the unpredictable factor of the plot intact with absurd incidents with stylistic trademark, our Hindi film director has made the copy version a horrible farce without using his own mind at all.

No harm in watching once if you haven’t seen it.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

RUN LOLA RUN (German) (1998)

A gripping and stunning thriller ride of one and half hour by genius Director Tom Tykwer who gave us ‘Perfume’ and recently released ‘The International’. From the beginning to end it gives you edge on the seat thrill in each of its various perspectives.

Look at the interesting beginning of the plot- Lola receives a call from her boy friend Manny that he lost 100,000 DM in a subway train that belongs to a really killer goon and he has to return the amount within 20 minutes. Only Lola can save Manny and all she has is just 20 minutes. Impossible to make it; isn’t it? But it’s not what is impossible but what is possible which lays important here. Tykwer has given three different perspectives of Lola’s tryst with time in 20 minutes with moments of adrenaline pumping on going action with brilliant and breathtaking moving camera shots, crisp editing and engaging soundtrack.
One can see lot of creative liberty taken by Tykwer in all technical divisions of film making. Although this was the film he made much before ‘Perfume’; it never let you feel low for a single moment.

Awesome entertainment…

Ratings- 8.5/10

Friday, June 26, 2009

NEW YORK (2009)

Audience is really eager to watch a good film after a long unprecedented dry spell at theatres due to the stand-off between producers and multiplex owners. There is no doubt that the film will surely get welcome opening due to its youth appeal star cast and Yashraj banner; but the reason I watched the film is Director Kabir Khan who delivered fine docu-drama debut with ‘Kabul Express’ depicting in depth and well observed perspective of Talibans in Afghanistan. Although the film was crashed at the box office, it has broken the cliché of popular Yashraj Entertainment of popcorn romance.

It seems that this time Director Kabir Khan is highly inspired from Oscar winning documentary ‘Taxi to the dark side’ which portrays shocking and revealing story of cruel torture traits used on the suspicious looking but innocent Muslim detainees by Bush administration and personally I think the documentary is ‘Essential Watch’ for all documentary film lovers. (Read my Review of ‘Taxi to the dark side’ on -

‘New York’ is surely honest and well attempted film. Its story woven in the backdrop of 9/11 which changed the life course of all three young college friends. Saying much more about the story would be considered spoiler so better see it in theatre.
Right from the beginning to intermission the first half is crisp, gripping and entertaining with fine mixture of thrilling and light moments of three college buddies. But post interval film quite fumbles due to its loose editing, predictability of screenplay and emotional imbroglio between the key players. The chemistry of John- Katrina and Neil is really rocking and all the three live up to our expectations with their refreshingly natural and balanced act. Irrfan has played the role of cop so often and so it’s tailor made casting for him and he is flair player to watch here too. The background score of Julias Packiam is also creditworthy on technical level to enhance the over all quality of the film.

Go enjoy it on big screen…It won’t disappoint you at all.


Thursday, June 25, 2009

RASHOMON (Japanese) (1950)

I watched this film first time and for me it’s quite difficult to write about this Akira Kurosawa’s touchstone. There are two reasons behind it. One, there are so many layers in the plot and second, it’s full of fine symbolic philosophical value. It’s again a film which one has to watch at least twice to absorb its profound symbolism on human absurdity.

On a stormy rainy night three men told their own version of a ghastly murder. It’s confusing for the audience to rectify the real truth behind any of their story because it contradicts completely. There’s also the intriguing versions of a bandit, the murdered husband and his wife who was raped by the bandit. Kurosawa left the viewers to determine the truth on their own way without giving any clue. He had kept the intriguing part intact with different perspectives and it’s hard to judge the truth. Personally I think it’s climax and beautiful ending which made the film a learning lesson for humanity when the third man proclaims the universal truth that “All men are selfish”. Hearing the lines the priest lost his faith in humanity and than comes the most beautiful full stop of Kurosawa- the revelation of the woodcutter of having six children at home, which regained the ‘Hope of Humanity’ inside the heart of not only the priest but we the viewers too.

Kurosawa was artist pure to its salt. With minimalist and natural setting he made a film which remained bridging example between silent and modern era of cinematic art. The Black and White cinematography of Kazuo Miyagawa must retain syllabus course status for all camera men. The use of natural light, contrasting shots and extreme close ups are just original and innovative. It’s injustice for Kurosawa film if I forget the inseparable part of almost any Kurosawa classic. Toshiro Mifune was the best gift and wonderful discovery that Kurosawa had given to world of cinema.

The film had won so many awards including the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival, and also received an Academy Honorary Award at the 25th Academy Awards. Like so many of other Kurosawa films, this film also has a strong influence on many notable films of Hollywood as well as world cinema.

Pure Gold.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

MAUSAM (1975)

What’s better than watching Gulzar saab’s film while witnessing first rainfall of the season. It gives you the same lingering pleasure like the smell of fresh wet earth after the first rain and the feelings this film generates is equally as pleasant as drenching yourself merrily in the rain.

‘Past’ always remains haunting and subtle theme of most of Gulzar films.
After 25 years a successful and aged Dr Gill returns to Darjeeling to have a break from his mundane life. The same place bears his beautiful romantic past and a hidden guilt when he was a medical student here. Time is changed beyond his reach and he has to pay a heavy price in order to fulfill his attempt of repentance.

I’ve never seen such a natural actor as Sanjeev Kumar on Indian screen and his combination with Gulzaar Saab will forever remains in Must watch category for all good film lovers. This is another of his balanced and mature gem performance. Although playing a role of local prostitute Sharmila Tagore kept the grace of her character intact which is surely a learning lesson for all of today’s bollywood damsels.

It’s injustice to the review if I do not mention about the music and songs of this Gulzar film. Generally Pancham suits Gulzar but surprisingly in this film Gulzar saab dropped him and chose Madan Mohan to compose his subtle ghazal sort of lyrics. Even if I say Madan Saab was great composer, the words always fall short because remove his compositions that Lataji has rendered till day and Lataji is without her best. It’s always gives me insatiable feeling listening both the versions of “Dil dhoondhta hai phir wohi fursat ke raat din…” nicely rendered by Bhupinder and a touchstone melody “Ruke Ruke se kadam…” by Lataji.

A film not to miss.

Ratings- 8.5/10

Monday, June 22, 2009


CAUTION- The following review is alarm bell not to watch the film titled Crap 2 (sorry ‘Crank 2’). Read the following for the explanation if you want to know why.

Jason Statham is back in his second installment of Chelios. After successful ‘Transporter’ series, the Producers and Director wanted to encash Statham magic with this second ‘Crank’ film. Like any of Jason Statham film, you need not meddle much of your head into anything and have to watch fast pace on going action on screen here too. Call it crass crap or no brainer action films but there are so many die hard fans of Jason Statham all around the globe. But after watching shit pack like this, I’m sure even they can’t digest such a third grade product in the name of high voltage action.

This time Chelios (Statham) is gifted by his enemies with an artificial heart inserted into the body connected with external battery pack outside and he has to keep his body electrically charged to survive. There’s no doubt about his seeking his revenge even in such a pain in ass condition. I must say the first part was a way better product than this sledgehammer on brain.
There’s lot of incessant and unnecessary nudity, derogatory lingo and shitty scenes and trying to fierce but silly looking goons with oddly tattooed or pierced face which gives you the feeling of watching some third grade porn product. What is worse to watch is some of the mindless non sense scenes where Statham penetrating gun into the ass of goon or rubbing himself on an old lady or copulate Amy Smart inside the race course among the live stadium or frequently get himself electrocuted on tongue, a dog biting the cop’s cock, chinky girls banging bicycles on Sumo’s private area, Goons chopping their tits to please their boss etc. etc. I don’t want to describe crap anymore.

Watch it at your own risk. One of the worst seen action film of my life.


Sunday, June 21, 2009


Fifty years ago US proudly known for its salad bowl and melting pot culture full of people from different races, countries and cultures. But post 9/11 the situation is different in US water. It’s seriously troubled time where everyone alien to US is under the eye of suspicion. Even today in the time of crisis, everyday immigrants from all around the world lured by dollar dreams land up in States with Student’s or Visitor’s Visa either by legal or illegal trades. They have hopeful visions of better life but have very little notions of what their life may cost.

It’s not just another film showing traumatic aftermath of 9/11; it’s more than that. Director Wayne Kramer’s ‘Crossing Over’ is quality film which raises few pertinent questions of today’s critical time about diverse lot of immigrants in Los Angeles struggling with their citizenship status, work permit and lost identities. It also focuses on the humanitarian role of immigrant enforcement officers do apart of their duty to check the real identities of the people. It’s ignited light of humanity in the critical time which made the film special one.

Film has good ensemble star cast of young and aging actors including Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta, Ashley Judd, Jim Sturgess, Alice Eve and Alice Braga. Ford is average in act but the role suits his personality at this ripe age. The last scene leaves the impact shows absolutely mirror image of current time where immigrants returning to their own countries leaving their dreams of naturalization behind at Uncle Sam’s land.

Highly recommended to watch it for various perspectives and Essential for all who’s dreaming US.


Saturday, June 20, 2009


No, it’s not fantasy adventure flick, if that’s what you assume from its title.
This film by Charles Martin Smith tells the real story of Scotland, 1950. Four University students led by Ian Hamilton (Charlie Cox) make a dramatic gesture to reawaken Scottish nationalism waning under the weight of Britain’s rule. Despite economical crisis and even less experience, they suavely break into Westminster Abbey in the wee hours of Christmas morning and liberate the most powerful symbol of Scotland’s nationalism- The stone of destiny. Although, they finally captured and the stone taken back to London, their mission ignited enough fire to strengthen Scottish pride and the call of independence.

The film has stunning landscape cinematography depicting sheer beauty of panoramic Scotland. The performance of all the players is naïve but natural and well balanced. The execution of the heist plan against all odds is really handled with interesting and thrilling way. More than anything, its feel good quality of the subject and captivating treatment that makes the film worthy to watch at least once. Because ultimately what they fight for is not for glory, fame, honors or wealth but for sheer nationalism.




There are two reasons why I watch this film. One, its lesser known Martin Scorsese film and second it has one of finest actress Ellen Burstyn in it.

Burstyn is without doubt wonderful actress who has done few films in her career but her choice of roles perfectly matches with her impeccable performances. She had no beauty or glamour to establish herself in Hollywood. Besides she was looking like mid age actress and so she has relied more on her acting talent only. Whether its classic horror ‘The Exorcist’ or Arnofsky’s much acclaimed ‘Requiem for Dream’, she has tried to deliver complex characters on her sleeve. Here she played the role of Alice, a working confident woman who has multiple roles to perform in mid 80’s men driven middle class society of US. Soon after the death of her husband, she has a sole responsibility to play with her annoying kid for the struggle of survival. She dreamed for second chance and the film ends with hopeful ending; quite surprising from Scorsese film.

There are so many realistic scenes and dialogues one can expect from Scorsese film like- Dinner table fight between loud father and son, harassing questions asked by whining kid to her mother, emotional encounter of two individuals under intoxication in a bar or spilling water scene between mom and son.
Don’t get surprise to see Jodie Foster in child girl friend role of Burstyn’s son. Just like most of the film buffs I also used to consider ‘Taxi Driver’ as her debut film but that was released in 1976.

Recommended to all Scorsese fans but it’s more creditworthy for wonderful Burstyn.


P.S - I have just come to know from IMDB that Burstyn got Best actress Academy award for her performance in this film and Scorsese accepted award on her behalf.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Based on the novel of Elmore Leonard, the film is slickly made low budget thriller telling a hit man story. Ultimately it’s story of near to break up husband wife duo who witnessed two killers accidentally and same trail and chase gimmicks. If there’s some good twists in the climax it would regarded as better thriller.

We have seen Mickey Rourke in ‘The Wrestler’ and watching him here as Contract killer named ‘Blackbird’ working for Toronto Mafia is just tailor-made role for him and he carried it so well. The film also has Diane Lane and Rosario Dawson in trivial roles. Although the film never raise above B grader film in plot but its treatment and performance of Rourke which makes film worth to watch once.
One time watch is OK.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


I’m back after long tour of North India and confused among all the heap of DVDs lying on my table from a month or so and than I found this fine animation film. I’m impressed by the wonderful imagination world of story writer and Director Henry Selick.

Coraline is a sweet little girl whose parents are busy in their own world and don’t pay much attention to her. So she felt bored and neglected in her newly shifted home. One night the girl discovered a secret magic window leads her to different world. The fantasy becomes her other home with replica button eyed parents fulfilling her every demands. She meets her weird friend Wybie and flexi neighbor Bobinski in this other world too. It becomes routine matter for her to witness this other fantasy home at night and returns to real world in the morning when she wake up. But as the story progress it intrigues you completely as in the case of cute Coraline who lured away by the scheming of other fantasy home. All glitter isn’t gold always.

The blending of graphics and animation is full of innovation and originality and shows pool of creativity and that’s make the film different from all other earlier seen cutie animation flicks.

Recommended to all animation lovers.