Wednesday, August 3, 2011

EL DORADO (1966)

John Wayne and Robert Mitchum in a western made by Howard Hawks…now that’s reason enough to spur classic lovers to watch this Technicolor saga of friendship and courage. Though there’s fine chemistry between these two legendary icons here supported by young James Caan; I’ve two complains to Mr. Hawks- Why did he chose such a pathetic role for brilliant talent like Robert Mitchum? Unfortunately Mitchum didn’t have much to perform on screen in this alcoholic lost in a love kind of loner sheriff JP battling against the dark side of Wild West. On the other hand Wayne is in usual crackling flavor- the man whose mouth is as firing as his gun.
Complain number two- why he made both the heroes crippled in certain ways and pushed the drama interrupting the rhythm and action of the film? The film is too straight and sober one, devoid of boiling conflict or awaiting confrontation, what we expect from western action entertainer. The same year released the film that stands as one of the most popular film of that genre making a nameless hero a new western legend. Need I tell the name of the film?

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