Thursday, October 13, 2011

DELICATESSEN (French) (1991)

‘Cinema since the New Wave always seems to be about a couple fighting in a kitchen. I prefer to write positive stories.’ – Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Everybody has heard and read and seen magic realism, this is what I would call magic surrealism! Rarely do we see such a cocktail fantasy blending many genres of sci-fi, black humor and romance served to stimulate your senses. This is a unique film aesthetically rich with mind-blowing visuals, weird-sweet characters and above all extraordinary use of sound mixing to suck the audience into an unusual eccentric experience.  

It brilliantly opens with a restaurant named Delicatessen occupied by a weird tenants and a menacing butcher who slashes human flesh. Enters ex clown of circus in search of a job; maybe a next victim of the cannibal butcher! But the man surprisingly started romancing with a bespectacled sweet young daughter of the butcher who can communicate with underworld rebel syndicate of human rats planning to steal corn and adding more hilarious chaos of fun to screen. The clown is sheer treat and so is watching that butcher…and those multiple failed suicide attempts are things to watch again and again along with edge on the seat chaotic climax in the bathroom.

The film was the debut full length film co-directed by the man who made absolutely wonderful ‘Amelie’. Worth to mention the extraordinary camerawork by Darius Khondji’s with awesome use of mise en scene and montage.

An absolute feast to your eyes and ears and mind…watch it ASAP.


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