Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Meet the most wanted fugitive feline of San Ricardo! Puss is western outlaw cat who prefers drinking milk in a saloon and he’s in quest of magic beans under possession of terrible Mr and Mrs Jack & Jill. Soon we see enchantress female match Kitty Softpaws to romance that led us to know the fascinating flashback where baby Puss in basket made his entry in orphanage, how his daring adventure made him famous winning that honorable pair of boots and also showing his happy and sad history with brainy amigo egg Humpty Dumpty.

This is quite a fresh and delightful animation entertainer of the last year where Dreamworks again successfully collaborated with his ace animation director Chris Miller who gave us ‘Shrek’ and ‘Madagascar’ series. Set in Spain, the land of adventure, romance and revelry, the film is rollercoaster ride packed with fun, action, adventure, romance, drama and a wonderful fantasy. I expected more from story and that exciting fantasy journey in cloud castle of golden goose but it won’t last longer! Perhaps a lone hero battling for his damsel plus friend in distress is more important to prove the hero’s worth and for regaining his lost honor in hometown. Maybe they come up with second part too as one may get clue how while watching it. Ah! That street cat’s purring sond ‘awwwww’ is just fun unimaginable! J


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