Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Though prior to the release of this film John Woo had completed one full decade as action director; but it is with this film he made his creative breakthrough that not only redefines action genre but also brought him to the attention of Hollywood. After Peckinpah, here is a successor who depicts violence on screen as poetry with stylistic traits that derived from Jean Pierre Melville. Though presence of two other lead actors, the film rocketed the career of Chow Yun Fat into Hong Kong cinema’s superstar. Stylistically Woo represented him as Alain Delon’s Melville roles and Fat has done marvelous job here; both in action and emotions.

Great action films keep you hooked to the sequences on screen and that’s the biggest USP of cinema of Woo. The sequence of Fat hiding guns in flowerpots with romancing a girl, shooting out the traitor gang and shot on leg is something I love to watch time and again, same can be said about rollicking climax. The film has potboiler plot depicting drama between brothers on opposite sides of law, camaraderie between two friends, romance, struggle and emotions all coiled up into the genre of action but then Woo maintains certain amount of charm in telling of story with fast pace, absolutely brilliant action sequences and style that oozing impressive for makers like Tarantino. Woo used Fat brilliantly in many of his other films, especially ‘Hard Boiled’ and ‘The Killers’ but this one is absolutely belongs to him. Bollywood Director Sanjay Gupta in his debut film made a complete rip off of the film titled ‘Aatish’ starring Sanjay Dutt and Aditya Pancholi and keep on making his plagiarized action factory copying Tarnatino, Oliver Stone and Park Chan Wook.

One of the best action film of all-time.



Kumar Luv said...

And they had to get the dead man back for the equel!!

HIREN DAVE said...

ya, i watched the second part too and as far as Woo and CYF combination is concerned it's again impressive watch. Do catch 'The killer' and 'Hard Boiled' too. CYF is jus brilliant there too:)