Friday, October 12, 2012

BLACK CAT WHITE CAT (Serbian) (1998)

An unusual, mind-blowing and excessively outrageous farce to watch without fail. Chaos can never be as much riotous fun as watching cinema of this gifted Serbian talent. This is my second Emir Kusturica after ‘Underground’ and once again he blew my mind for his exceptional fantasy meets farce realm pushing the hyperbole with loads of black humour and wild imagination. This is absolutely laugh riot to senses. Kusturica’s command over the whole scenario of the film leads us to something out of this planet. It brought irresistible images of  wild goose and two cats runs amok throughout the film, a  band tied on tree trunk, a dead body hanged on train crossing pole, an amazing magic trick to remove nail with fat derriere, a giant pig licking the ruined car or that long crazy wedding crash is just wildest fun let loose. 

I just can't help loving almost all of those gypsy and weirdo characters whether its a dumb and loser Matko or wicked junkie addict Dadan, a midget sister and his forced to marry young romantic partner or those two grandpas with their wicked sense of money. And once again Srdjan Todorovic as women obsessed junkie tyrant Dadan with his unusual dancing and swinging moves is one hell of hilarious character to watch without fail. Here is Kusturica at his wackiest best. 

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