Sunday, February 24, 2013


Funny, witty, sarcastic, creative, musical and above original! A few animation films bear all these adjectives together. Compared to all those grand extravaganzas backed by Hollywood animation giant studios and loads of creative credit, Nina Paley’s ‘Sita sings the Blues’ is all independent graphic venture and a brilliant example of creative auteurism in multiple departments from direction to design.

The plot of the film bifurcates in two tales. One belongs to grand Hindu epic ‘Ramayana’. It focused on character of Sita who despite of her absolute and unconditional love for Rama is repaid with suspicion, banishment in her pregnancy, humiliating trial by fire till finally time and again she proved her purity by settling in Mother earth. Along with this epic tale runs the parallel the contemporary personal account of director’s own life. A modern day break up story shifting from San Francisco to Trivandrum. Both of them are loaded with feminist discourse that raised many questions. The three narrative voices clad in shadow puppet keep pointing their interpretations in playful and contradictory voices that are both thoughtful and skeptical re-interpreting the glorious epic. ‘Don’t challenge these stories’, stated one of them. And that’s what makes the film entertaining. The jazz score and soundtrack is pure delight for anyone.

Perhaps in the history of cinema I’ve noticed a wonderful and most creative ever ‘Intermission’ in this film where the characters of epic tale moves out of closed curtain and went out to washroom and back with cola and popcorn while we hear the audio of audience chattering. Paley made this film for free audience and decided to made it freely available to audience. Checkout the site of the film to know her brave and gutsy effort which is quite welcomed and well received by the audience all over the world. In Paley’s own voice, the film is ‘a tale of truth, justice and woman’s cry for equal treatment.’

Highly recommended to all. 

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