Thursday, March 28, 2013


‘Inside every artist lurks…a madman’

Walter Paisley, an unappreciated waiter serving in a bohemian café full of artistic crowd. He’s having an uncontrollable itch to be a creative artist. Under a frustrated circumstance one day, he encounters an accidental death of cat and this brought him an instant artistic recognition the very next day. What follows is turned out and transformed him into a macabre professional sculptor.  

Roger Corman’s this brilliant underrated film is a surprising cult treat! Oh and I can’t stop loving surprise like this! The film is a bizarre fun with ingredients sorted from multiple genres. The film is noir, horror, thriller, black humor & musical all packaged into one. It is as per its one of tagline suggests ‘comedy of errors turned into comedy of terrors.’ 

The film manages to poke fun at art in general especially aimed at sense of realism & beatnik generation. With its 65 duration, the film was shot in just 5 days and yet it brilliantly creates a kind of macabre screen thrill from beginning to end. Dick Miller is just pleasure to watch; even if nothing else he will stay in memory for his role of Walter here. And I just love the character of Maxwell and all the artistic punch line dialogues he represents on screen. Pay your ears to him when it begins. 

Recommendation of the week. 

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