Monday, March 17, 2014


‘When the lion dies, the jackals fight over the empire’. 

Monsieur Fernand, is declared a successor new mob boss by his dying old friend Louis, known as ‘Mexican’ in criminal circuit. Though not at his will, Fernand is supposed to look after the dead man’s prodigal and carefree young daughter and protect his business from wicked men hatching a plan at every nook and corner. The succession is not a smooth ride, as the old partners of the dead mobster are not happy seeing this sudden new entrant erasing their chance to be the successor and so they are planning to finish him as soon as possible.  Two loyal hands of old Master, a smart shooter named Pascal and notary named Folace.

What makes the film attention worthy is the screen presence is Lino Ventura. Though the role is tailor-made for him, this isn’t kind of script his fans expected him to be in. As after initial half an hour, the film moves in wry crime humor trajectory. It’s not high on edge gangster thriller but crime film with light fun, good action and mild thrill; it’s more suitably favors playful French taste than American hard boiled noir.

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