Sunday, July 24, 2011

CURE (Japanese) (1997)

Case- a series of brutal murders
Modus operandi- arteries cut with carved ‘x’ mark on neck
Reason and motivation for killing- unknown
My first Kiyoshi Kurosawa film and the man has brilliantly played an ambivalent game with amnesia and hypnotism that churns out an impulsive crime drama. After a long time it quench my thirst of watching an unforgettable psychological thriller. The drama that started with two opposite characters slowly distorting the thin line between sanity and insanity. Here’s a cop so lost in the case that his life became a misery and a convict with complex trait of memory loss who psychologically incites the minds of others to commit murders. What’s inside the head of the criminal? Is there a reason or just pure irrationality?
Kiyoshi provokes the audience to think hard just like the convict who asks the questions and like to hear from others under the spell of hypnotism and it’s this thing that excludes him from other filmmakers of this genre. The camera moves so slow, sometimes focusing on things for long like metaphor and it has fine cutting and editing of images too. As the film progressing it’s make you think whether you’re really watching a crime thriller or something else! There’s are films that begins like a crime film but not ends like it and ‘Cure’ is undoubtedly the thought provoking film that belongs to that category.
Desperate to watch other films by the same director!

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