Wednesday, July 20, 2011

THE QUIET FAMILY (Korean) (1998)

The debut film of Kim Ji-Woon, writer-director who never disappoints me in any of his films I’ve seen so far. A mountain lodge and six strange host family members. The hitchhikers, who visit the lodge to rest once, never return out of it. Suicide? Murder? Accident or Blunder? Or cocktail of everything! One may know the answer to that as the movie progress further but guests keep coming and as a part of immediate action, the family members have to bury the dead bodies as regular routine and shifting them from one place to another.
The treatment of the film is dark and funny reminding me Coen Bros films where disposal of dead bodies brought the characters into altogether different mess. The film has two leading men of Korean cinema- Kang-ho Song and awesome Min-sik Choi in a queer role. The last half an hour is pure delight where dark drama runs in full bloom multiplying dead bodies so unpredictably.

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