Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is something as brilliant as watching some of Woody Allen’s finest comedies! I mentioned Woody because just like his films, the theme of extra marital affair and crime goes hand in hand here and besides this is the kind of screenplay we generally expect from genius like him. The film is a delightful black comedy about one man’s daring plan to give marriage a surprise ending! So here is a Sicilian man who’s  passionate desire to woo his pretty cousin makes him daydreaming about killing his nagging and too possessive wife. One of the famous case hearings of the town turned him towards hunching a smart plan to set a trap to get rid of his wife and start a fresh love life with her desirable dame!

Writer, Director Pietro Germi’s this refreshingly entertaining comedy won Oscar for Best Screenplay and yeah it’s really worthy and engaging one giving us fun, romance, intrigue and tension in equal proportions. As always Marcello Mastroianni is the man to watch by all means. This is the first time I’m watching him in such a seriously funny character and he’s again in class of his own, carrying his suave gentleman charm and brilliant performance on screen; so far the class actor who never disappointed me. There’re moments of sparkling fun of affairs all around in an aristocratic family- both son and father clandestinely watching the dame from same toilet window, daydreaming of killing his wife on various occasions, accidentally catching her sister and her fiancĂ© in private positions and the hubby’s premeditated plan and execution to get rid of his wife or that idiotic maid servant- they all sum up as the characters and moments of pure fun. And as it ends happily as per our expectations with final frames as naughty as the film itself!

Highly Recommended.


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