Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What a sweet, funny and delightful British film to watch with memorable performances! A cynic alcoholic English literature professor juxtaposed with a working class hairdresser student. He’s failed poet who has given up his life to booze and she’s determined to change herself by getting education. And more she loves to learn. The more he learns how to love. This is fine screenplay writing and so naturally enacted on screen by Michael Caine and Julie Walters. Both lead pair won Golden Globe and BAFTA film awards and got Academy nominations.

The film is light comedy adapted on screen from Willy Russell’s play and it has quite a similarity with G B Shaw’s popular play ‘Pygmalion’(adapted wonderfully as musical on screen as ‘My Fair Lady’) and highlighted the working class woman’s will to change herself by imparting education that gives her freedom and class distinction. It’s fine cocktail of some touching moments and some hilariously funny moments and both Caine and Walters so convincingly made them felt to the audience. There’s lot of wit and fun in dialogues too and some of them resembles like watching Woody Allen film.

A fine delightful watch for any given day.

Ratings- 7.5/10

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