Friday, August 17, 2012


Though there’s a lot of cliché, explicit content & loads of over the top crude and adult humor along with a plot inspired from Chaplin’s political satire masterpiece, I must confess that it’s a film which made me laugh out loudly after a long long time. The credit goes to multiple talented Sacha Baron Cohen who not only played real and fake double dictators of oppressed Republic of Wadia but also co-scripted & produced the film. As said much of the plot runs as kind of whack satire extracted from Chaplin's 'The Great Dictator' or Marx Bros. 'Duck Soup' with points poking fun at the oppressed autocracy of either Saddam or Gaddafi but Baron aimed more towards entertainment and fun than political satire. What I loved about the film is write up of some of the hilarious peppy lines… ‘They raped me in a very unprofessional way.’ Films like these don’t require a kind of review, so the only thing I like to say is ‘Watch and see how long can you resist your laughter.

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