Wednesday, August 15, 2012

THE SON’S ROOM (Italian) (2001)

‘To live you have to die a little.’

Life is jigsaw puzzle of unwanted situations, unsettling truths but at the same time it’s a journey of struggle to shape that jigsaw pieces in a correct order to find the higher truth. Not all tragedy ends with such a sublime and life affirming note and it’s not a tragedy about war, holocaust or any collective collateral. It’s personal daily tragedy of any family where they accidentally lost the youngest member.Here’s a simple film without any larger than life canvas and though it portrays a trauma, it manages to convey a positive note with a sublime surprise. 

Giovanni is a psychotherapist with a family of wife and a young son and daughter. He encounters with different patients confessing their trivial and mundane affairs of minds and watching closely one may feel how the struggle of inner mind is related to anybody in higher or lower order. There are many scenes with irony and humor where patients’ confessions one or other way become confessions of the therapist. There’s fine bonding between the family members which breaks with a sudden accidental death of son while scuba diving. The loss brought feelings of guilt and cynicism towards life but a surprise came in form of letter addressed to his son. This leads them towards a life affirming journey without any preaching moral or so. The most touching parts of Nanni Moretti’s this acted-directed film are its natural performances, life-like characters and evocative background score. It may not be the best of Italian cinema but surely a worth watching film for all those who love to explore the ordinary and yet oblique side of life. The film manages to won Palme d’Or honour at Cannes in 2001. 

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