Friday, September 28, 2012

L’ENFER (French) (1994)

The high point of Chabrole’s this film is Emmanuelle Beart as one of the most tantalizing lady of Chabrol cinema. The film is once again trading on his widely repeated theme of jealousy and here he showed us the extreme height of madness associated with it. It is one man’s suspicious journey about her wife’s infidelity leading him towards delusional paranoia of no return. She’s young and irresistibly beautiful enough for any man's gaze and Chabrol captured her sex appeal so desirably strong that anybody having her kind of wife suffers from certain amount of insecurity.

The film becomes too repetitive in psychological & physical torture in the later half as the man’s doubt grows out of proportion making his and his wife’s life absolutely hell. The film ends without an end, left us with ambiguity between state of illusion and disillusion. It lacks his trademark thrill element and strong characterization but it has a strongly aesthetic camera work and above all what’s more aesthetic than watching oozing and infectious charm of French dame named Emmanuelle Beart. 

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