Thursday, September 27, 2012

WEDDING IN BLOOD (French) (1973)

No other filmmaker gave us the flavor of infidelity better than Chabrol with company of his muse Stephane Audran. Unlike similiar affair of ‘The Unfaithful Wife’, here both the infidel partners keep on cheating their marital partners. Their relationship grew out of unsatisfactory sexual urge as the man has sick bed ridden wife and the lady has cold husband who often remained occupied with his career. Chabrol portrayed one of the most sexually charged couple on screen here where wilderness and passionate physical hunger runs high whenever we see the Stephane Audran and Michel Piccoli in their intimate private moments.Behind the affair runs crime that begets another. Gradually one by one both of them get themselves free from partners by killing them. & it’s perfect crime where one looks suicide & the other an accident.

Using prop of infidelity Chabrol represented the satire on microcosm of French bourgeoisie society’s masked immorality. There’re quite a scene where Audran and Piccoli under physical bewilderness indulge in love making in the museum where beer cork popping up with splash on vintage frames on wall. We see the husband who don’t mind her wife is having an affair with his political partner as long the fellow satisfy his political needs and ambition.  Once again Audran is just superb here, watching her body language I wonder is there any other actress who maintained sophistication and elegance on screen even though she’s infidel bitch! Like any of Chabrol film it demands patience in the beginning from its audience, provided that it gives you gripping, intriguing thrill and drama leading to potent finale.

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