Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Along with adapting Ian Fleming’s popular and successful Bond series, the producers Harry Saltzman & Albert Broccoli approached Len Deighton to write the script for second Bond film but that encounter turned out to be birth of another spy character on screen in form of Harry Palmer based on Deighton’s novels. So came ‘The Ipcress File’, one of underrated espionage thriller starring bespectacled Michael Caine as Harry palmer. Compared to all out entertainment and stereotyped characterization of Bond franchise, Palmer films have different design and style with working class man; the films have down beat style with dark and complex feel than larger than life Bond extravaganza. ‘The Ipcress File’ was absolutely engaging espionage thriller and Caine nailed Palmer so damn brilliant. 

This second installment of Harry Palmer, funded by Bond producers is another engaging espionage thriller starring Caine back in form. The plot is set in Berlin where Palmer arrived on task to meet and check out the escape plan of Russian colonel Stok. The plot is quite contrived one entangled with war crimes, cold war and Russian-Israeli-British intelligence men. The film was made by Guy Hamilton, the man who gave us two brilliant Bond films ‘Goldfinger’ and ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’ among others. I enjoyed this second installment too but the first one was so damn brilliant one. Somehow that intriguing element and darker side of ‘The Ipcress File’ is missing here. But that won’t make film a loose one. Caine is once again done it pitch perfectly and it was shot so classy reminding us many noirs.

Recommended for all espionage film fans but if you haven't seen 'The Ipcress File' then first watch that ASAP. 


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