Monday, November 5, 2012


‘Of all the seven deadly sins, jealousy is the most deadly.’

The film is a drama and it tells an absorbing story of an impulsive obsessed lover in form of Ellen Berent who couldn’t withstand anybody between her and the person whom she loves. First it was her late father and the next is the person who quite resembles with her father. She met him by chance meeting in train reading his novel. The writer instantly ensnared in her charm and starts committing. And she wouldn’t mind ditching her fiancé to marry Richard. But it’s after marriage that she starts showing her true color, where blinded by obsession and envy she not only mind killing her hubby’s crippled young brother but also her own son in womb. What’s height of her jealousy is that even while dying she tried her last attempt to pull the things as per her obsessed wish.

It’s Gene Tierney film all the way and she represents both enigmatic dual persona of impulse and grace on screen. It’s not an exaggeration if I say that she’s the sole reason to watch this drama. It’s slow drama build in resplendent colors of early Hollywood. And it’s divine to watch heavenly Tierney in colors. She was nominated for Oscar but it was the year when Joan Crawford had given her best in ‘Mildred Pierce’. However the film managed to win an Oscar for its cinematography. 

Ratings- 7/10 

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