Monday, December 31, 2012


Two strangers sharing an all-night wild phone conversation on New year’s eve in NY city. After a brief encounter at party, a random caller traveling in a car with his buddies after party calls an enigmatic and leave me alone kind of girl living alone in her hotel room. An all-night random phone call becomes sweet entertainment escape from mundane boredom for a while as both of them starts digging each others preferences about life, romance and relationships. They keep digging each other a while with topics of sex, fetish, religion or movie preferences and then slowly its getting in personal tone touching the chords of their past and haunted memories. The conversation brings something so personal hidden part out where limited validity of the adventure gives you freedom to be what you want to be without emotionally making things complicated unnecessarily. Anonymity is comforting and such situation may lead to an unlikely romance or something like that!

Writer-director Sudhish Kamath’s this experimental independent film is an interesting and sweet and minimalist rom-com to watch without fail.The film is shot in B&W split-screen naturally expressed by its two lead random callers Seema Rahmani and Manu Narayan. There’s not much happen to screen except watching the facial expressions of two callers in split-screen with a few intermittent scenes of their past and poking fun sppofing Bollywood’s Karan Johar romance. But what makes its interesting watch is the conversation itself without giving us a moment of boredom; surely a fine write up by Kamath and Shilpa Rathnam. If you like Woody Allen and ‘Before Sunrise’, surely this one is rom-com for you. 


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