Tuesday, January 1, 2013


A visiting uncle witnesses an unconvinced death of his hospitalized niece. Soon he digs out with his well wishing friends that it was poisoning and not a natural death just like the death of his brother and now its turn of his little nephew. The will of dead man is suggestive one and it points finger towards the stepmother as prime suspect. But it’s hard to get perfect proof and so left unconvicted by court. The man goes too personal to dig out the irreconcilable fact about deadly poison and its whereabouts. Andrew Stone’s this gripping and thrilling noir is indeed an intriguing howdonit rather than whodunit. Though it’s average noir and predictable, but its really interesting to notice how the director kept the ambivalent stand towards the suspect intact till climax. The film has fine performances from all supporting cast including its two lead players- American cinema’s one of gentleman actor Joseph Cotten with company of Jean Peters as conniving femme fatale.

Worth a witness for noir lovers and Cotten fans.


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