Tuesday, November 12, 2013


“We do swear, under pain of friendship lost, to never speak of this enterprise to any adult, and to never betray its location or its participants, and from this day forthwith to boil our own water, kill our own food, build our own shelter and be our own men.”

Three boys ran away from their parental home and went to woods to explore their own freedom, their own rules and regulations about life. Nature is indifferent and so is human nature too, since betrayal and heart break plays unlikely game in the journey. It’s not so that we haven’t seen any coming of age story told with touch of youthful charm, innocence, joy, freedom and visual splendor of natural landscape. ‘The Kings of Summer’ has all that same American baggage of troubled domestic affair that runs between the rebel teen world and adult parents’ dominance and other emotional cliché of teen film.  The film has shades of ‘Into the Woods’ and yet it’s different one in its tone which is refreshingly youth centric, hilarious and heartwarming one than the contemplative former one inspired by Thoreau’s ‘Walden’. The film has cool soundtrack and yes, all three teens really played their age so well, especially the tiny, strange and yet contemplating boy who played Biaggio.

So far a fine and decent indie entertainer of this year.