Wednesday, November 6, 2013


For years elegant ‘Windward’ house located on sea coast remained mysterious and unoccupied until a sibling on holidays by chance visited it and made up their mind to own it. The strange disturbances started following the nights of their occupation and it leads them to unearth a buried family past of its first owners. Lewis Allen’s ‘The Uninvited’ is one of those definite and pioneer films of haunted house supernatural horror genre. It may not stand eerie and shocking compared to CGI and technically advanced horrors of today but the film is surely based on strong plotline and characterization, a hallmark of Hollywood’s golden era.  Charles Lang’s dark B&W camerawork are sheer highlight of the film framing the gothic environment. The film is surely a classic case study, how on one hand elements exploited in this film became a common denominator of its other successor horrors and still it remain one of those rare and unique in its treatment to thrill its audience without using any of those CGI and other technical manipulation to tell a ghost story.

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