Wednesday, January 20, 2010

DJANGO (1966)

Director Sergio Corbucci’s this underrated and low budget spaghetti western achieved great popularity among western lovers. Its worthy recommendation to all those who love watching fine western and yet only watched Leone- Eastwood’s dollars trilogy.
Starring Franco Nero as Django, a drifter with a coffin visits a Mexican country town suffering from on going rivalry between Hugo and his Mexican rebel gang and Major Jackson who extorts the town men. Jackson has a great force of 48 men which was quite unbeatable but our hero is one man army and he finished them all. Well movie takes different trajectory from here on and we witness some fine edge on the seat thrill adventure. Corbucci retained the tension of fine western and Franco Nero gave performance full of attitude and confidence which made it gripping watch for all western and action lovers. Perhaps Corbucci first time surprisingly introduced a western hero with firing machinegun and experimented different western action.

Ultimately we all love western for this only; a hero who speaks more with his trigger than tongue.


P.S.- After watching Corbucci's Django, I watched Django strikes again (1987), an absolutely pathetic version. Franco Nero returned as Django but Corbucci’s touch is missing this time. Story was humbug, Nero seems aged, action sequences are average and above all it less appears like western and more like those Steven Seagle kind of B grader action pack. There’s neither gripping thrill nor great action, characters are too flat. In a nutshell absolutely crap material on all accounts. Director Nello Rossati made mockery of the Django and murdered the original well made film by Corbucci.

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