Thursday, January 14, 2010


“Do not be afraid to ask for credit, for our ways of refusing is very polite.”

I’m back to one of my dearest Hollywood director- Stanley Kubrick. There are very few anti-war movies which throws light to the hypocrisy of the battle as this one. Satire is Kubrick’s forte and he didn’t let any stone unturned in showing blinded military succession of power and rank race to win favors in World War by sacrificing innocent soldiers when they already knew that operation Ant hill was absolutely impossible mission. At one point of time even the Colonel Dax uttered line to his commanding officer upon unjustifiable charge of regiment’s cowardice in trench- “Why not shoot the entire regiment?” The three blameless soldiers became scapegoat and have to face court martial and execution without giving justifiable chance of self defense.

Kubrick films are always critic of human progress whether it’s social, political or scientific and if you closely watch the film it always gives you lot of clues to ponder deeply. Infact that’s the real signature of Kubrick film. Here in one of the dialogue he metaphorically compared human existential struggle with cockroach and guess what cockroach is luckier than soldiers. Where do we see the unconscious man executed with firing bullets on stature else where than Kubrick! Even after the execution was over what about that brilliant irony of whole affair in the end which started in the first scene of the film. And yet there’s a moving scene left before the movie ends. Viddy well Kubrick Viddy well!!!

It was made in 1957; but technically it’s almost flawless and way ahead of its time. The battleground sequence is brilliant example of tracking shots by George Krause, finely adapted screenplay of Cobb’s novel and lines, even the editing part is crisp and tight and for Kirk Douglas it’s a role of lifetime. If I’m not mistaking he’s the only lead actor Kubrick repeated in his films apart of Peter Sellers.

Another Kubrick Gem.

Ratings- 10/10

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