Sunday, January 31, 2010

UP IN THE AIR (2009)

Last year was the toughest time for US capitalist driven economy to survive. For company employees it’s really pathetic time as giant MNC’s sacking their employees without any explanation. It’s inconvenient harsh reality. Here’s a guy who professionally hired to fire the employees all around the world. He’s smart, suave, ‘termination facilitator’ as he calls himself, lives in a suit case, flying in the air and knows his challenging job and convincing people with his ‘backpack philosophy’. When world is losing jobs around him he’s getting praise from his boss until he realized the real vacuum. Well, it’s another feel good drama of Hollywood apt to recession crisis and it’s this theme which makes it win laurels and awards.

But it’s rather too romantic or emotional way of looking at the problem and that’s where film seems quite improbable for me. Go back to your family and friends, love your precious lives, return to sweet home etc. We all know this, isn’t it emotional escape for easy solace! But Americans love to read self inspirational books like no other countries and that’s where film strikes with transformation of character.

Playing roles with American sophistication is George Clooney’s trademark and people love him too. It’s tailor made role for him to play Ryan Bingham and he knows how to look gentle, look natural and look intense in front of camera. Director Jason Reitman touched a fine subject here but he didn’t cross the bar much but reminds us the message we almost forget in the time of crisis.

Ratings- 7/10

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