Sunday, August 8, 2010

AISHA (2010)

Call it ‘chick flick’ or ‘rom-com’ but I enjoyed it compared to all other films released from couple of weeks just for its fresh characterization, treatment and honest attempt of story telling. The movie is based on Jane Austen’s classic ‘Emma’, where a clever, arrogant, rich and twenty something heroine convinced that she understands the world better than anybody else. She tried to rule over her social circle with her own whims and fancy of match making (quite obvious and wonderful theme only Austen knows how to tell). But she’s fallible where love is concerned and her failings to settle others affairs put her into many misunderstandings including one in her own case.

Though it’s not the best ‘Emma’ on screen, it’s really fine Indian adaptation by debut director Rajshri Oza. Sorry it’s not family drama if that’s what you mean but the film having many rushes of fun where misunderstanding runs ahead than romance. If anybody enjoys watching popular teen series called ‘Gossip Girl’! There’s are many messed up situations of breaking and making with rushes of fun especially in the character of behenji type girl of Bahadurgadh. The fun is not loud but natural and there are moments when even heroine messed up proposing her beloved on a stage in a party. What I dislike is overhanging show of designer clothing and products. Another show off is the portrayal of Delhi elite enjoying all the luxuries of life all the time.

Perhaps Sonam Kapoor fits here quite perfectly; it’s absolutely her film with complete makeover not only in stunning look but in refreshing acting too. The film has wonderful company of cool Abhay Deol and he’s just as perfect as everytime. The other bunches of actors are freshers from VJ Cyrus Sahukar to Ira Dubey.

A refreshing entertainer and a well made chick-flick …enjoy it with your girlfriend or just alone.


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