Tuesday, August 3, 2010


The film is based on 2003 Iraq war when Saddam fled from the country and whole Iraq was occupied by US military. Chaos brooding over the civilians surviving without basic amenities. A Military officer Ray Miller and his team third time returns empty handed regarding WMD links given by the military intelligence. He met a local man leading him to get Saddam’s General Al Rawi. After lot of chase Miller met the General and knows the shocking truth that there’s no WMD at all and it’s his own reliable sources which led the country to war with distorting information. The war is ended and US established puppet Government but at the same time it gave birth to another cancer.

The film is partly based on facts but there’s no exaggeration as now we all knows the dire facts of Bush administration. The movie is intriguing and gripping in the first half but soon it becomes quite routine chase and thrill drama. Mat Damon is what he’s in Bourne series. Camera has captured brilliantly the ruined buildings and landmarks of Baghdad.

An average watch.



Luv said...

I felt it is a brave movie, calling the Americans villians, rather than heroes.

HIREN DAVE said...

Oh yes but do catch UNTHINKABLE...its great shocker in this regard.