Monday, August 2, 2010


Lewis Carole’s this dream classic deserved to be made on screen from long. One can only expect it from Disney and director Tim Burton who gave us some of the enchanting entertainers for all ages. With 3D graphics and amazing animation he created all those wonderful characters alive- White rabbit, Dormouse, Dodo, fat Tweedle brothers, smoking caterpillar Absolem, Cheshire cat, Bandersnatch, wicked Red Queen, dethroned White Queen and above all the most lovable Madhatter who helps Alice to reach his goal. But creativity doesn’t lie only in showing great animation!!!

The major problem of the film lies in poor casting of Alice. She seems so wooden and expressionless in entire film. Taking liberty with the original is considered good if you kept the essence of original intact but Burton’s wonderland seems more like dark underworld of Red Queen showing Alice as savior for poor White queen (another pathetic casting of Anne Hathway!!) Rather than showing the world of innocent imagination, curiosity and magic, he gave us adventure film like Narnia or Harry Potter films. Johnny Depp delivered as we expect as he’s one of the amazing fellow to watch on screen always.

Burton fails to deliver the innocent essence and charm of Carole’s original fantasy. Advice to read the book if you haven’t than watching this quite contrived version.


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