Wednesday, June 29, 2011


A worth watching British film that explores the seedy and sinister dark side of London from the eyes of an African illegal immigrant named Okwe. He works two shifts in London, driving cab in the day and working at hotel desk in the night. Both the time he has to deal with strangers of all sorts of shit from hooker to wicked bosses. One night he found a human heart blocking the lavatory in one of the hotel room. When he brought that information to his hotel manager, he replied, “Hotel business is about strangers. And strangers will always surprise you. They came to hotel in the night to do dirty things. And in the morning, it’s our job to make things look pretty again.”

Senay is the Turkish girl working at hotel as maidservant. She’s sharing the apartment with Okwe until immigration enforcement men sniff the thing. Both of them have to get exploited in order to survive in the city jungle. There only hope is getting an arranged passport to get out of this hell. But its world where one has to sell his kidney and sell her virginity to get an arranged passport. How can one stay clean in dirt hard to escape! And still Okwe managed to stick to his virtue and conscience.

The movie is dark and shows the struggling existence of illegal immigrants where fear of deportation and victim of exploitation is following them. It also portrays the fine platonic relationship between two souls who’re destined to hide their emotions. It has fine casting and well restraint performances from Chiwatel Ejifor, a fine actor and Audrey Tautou, the girl whose innocent face and expressions get me carried away every time I see her on screen.


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