Sunday, June 26, 2011


Its routine complains from many of my blog reading followers and friends that I’m avoiding latest Hollywood offerings on my post. Unfortunately both Hollywood and Bollywood runs out of creative idea or fresh script these days, the only things we witness in new releases is encashing money on sequels, where most of them lose the charm. Anyway here I’m charging my weekend entertainment on this film; following is how I ended up!

A wannabe writer suffering from creative block gets a magic pill that enhances his brain’s capacity. The pill makes him feel invincible and made the mind limitless. As you know, ‘Mind’ is the happening Hollywood commercial formula these days! Anyway so this guy pops a single pill a day and completes his book on just 4 days, learn to play piano in three days, learn most of the languages of the world and made contacts with big men…oops the unlimited possibilities! And then one fine day an idea spurs to his mind to play different game than usual writer, he’s turning his head where the big money lies. What else than the stock market? With getting loan from a hoodlum he started investment and soon making the fastest money on planet that get him favor of corporate tycoon. But soon the side effects of pills get holding of his own ghost and he has a few magic pills left to shot his brain!

Well from this points onwards the film becomes a typical chase and run action thriller. Yes, it has moments of excitement with stylish camerawork, fast edited images which occupy your mind but as it end you feel watching another mediocre Hollywood where you have to relax your brain absolutely. Bradley Cooper is tolerable but a fine talent such as Robert De Niro is once again wasted, he’s playing one more flashcard role that you forget while watching it!

Watch it if you hard core Hollywood action-thriller lover, for the rest it’s quite an average entertainer.


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