Sunday, June 12, 2011


‘Life is all sound and fury signifying nothing’, said the Bard. So how do we get through life’s pain and unpredictability? Well Woody Allen has an answer to it- ‘sometimes illusion works better than medicine.’ The illusion here is universal and you know what it means when watching a Woody film.

Like many of his romantic comedies, it has interesting playground of characters, this time in a single family. All of them are seduced by the pipedreams of meeting a beautiful stranger. So here is an old age divorced hubby who hates accepting his age and behaves young, dating a cheap young tart and his paranoiac divorced old wife taking solace in sitting sessions with her fortune teller. Their daughter married to a good for nothing one book fluke writer. The desire drives both of them to different directions; the hubby tantalized by a young chick of opposite building window and the honey gets crush over her new art gallery boss.

Common Woody traits of break ups, extra marital affairs and complications repeated here too but it was too average drama. The punch and force is missing terribly in the second half; quite an average writes up by Woody. Anthony Hopkins who’s otherwise a terrific actor seems too aged and miscast here, it would be much better if Woody himself had played this character. Banderas and Frieda Pinto are letdown, wonder to see what Anupam Kher in doing Woody film! (Thank God, he didn’t have much screen time); the only impressive players are Josh Brolin and Naomi Watts.

Too predictable and average Woody film in my opinion... I have read rave reviews about his new film ‘Midnight in Paris’, hope he has surely made a good film.


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