Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Martin Rome is tough criminal who killed a cop and now on a hospital bed struggling for life. Cops awaiting his recovery to put him on trial and an attorney need him for confession to save his client in a murder and jewel robbery case. Marty managed to escape from imprisoned hospital bed to check the things out and save his girl in jeopardy but adds another murder on his account. All the guys who helped him were nabbed by the law except him. The nemesis was awaiting him in most unusual way.

Robert Siodmak made some of the finest noir films in 40s and this is one of his gripping and intensifying noir with tough and strong characters with plot that balances both sentiments and cynicism. The highlight of the film is stellar performances by its both lead men. Victor Mature’s Cop act as Candella manages to win our sympathy as upright lawman who is also family friend of Marty, played by Richard Conte with tough and arrogant Italian mannerism in his act. Don’t know whether it’s only me or others but I found quite close similarity of Conte’s look, facial expressions, body language and dialogue delivery with one of my favorite Indian actor Mr. Balraj Sahni. The conflict between Marty and Candella brought many intense and emotional scenes including the climax at church. The film turns out perhaps the first American film that portrayed the Italian family & crime connection in Hollywood cinema with many memorable scenes that later typifies the genre.


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