Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Quite surprisingly out of his usual fair combination with James Stewart, Anthony Mann made this B&W western starring brilliant Henry Fonda as Hickman, an old bounty hunter came to town as unwelcome stranger. He came to town just to collect his prize money from a sheriff’s office. The young and newly appointed amateur sheriff is played by Anthony Perkins. What we see is chemistry between young Perkins and towering Fonda where the disillusioned sheriff turned bounty hunter helping a naive young sheriff to build confidence to guns and guts.

Compared to his edgy, dark and tense filled Stewart combos, this one is quite mild in tone and plot, however the film is indeed a genuine attempt. There’s not much to ask about the film when there’s man like Fonda to watch in the film. It has fine camera work, quite a hallmark of Mann films. The natural landscapes and moving shots selections were getting better with every next movie he made. Once again here is an action on mount, a typical Mann western trait. Infact there’re many shots and scenes that reminds me ‘Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid’.


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