Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Haunting house…buried past…the hidden crime! Now this is something so cliché associated with horror films. However there are films which prove how one can improvise and makes something above that routine mould through brilliant execution with the form and narration. Peter Medek’s ‘The Changeling’ belongs to that well made, grippingly executed but under popular horror thrillers. It features amazing George C. Scott as mid age piano scholar who after unfortunate accidental death of his two daughters came to Seattle to teach the university students. The old house he rented in Seattle starts giving him unusual jolts as somebody wanted to communicate with him, the past, the crime and the harrowing episode of filicide. The things which gave the film fine dimension are its impressive dark cinematography matched with chilling use of sound with solid haunting background score. The film successfully manages to give you enough tension and thrill of disturbances and supernatural manifestations without any of routine baggage or CGI gimmicks. Recommended to all horror/thriller fans.

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