Wednesday, October 16, 2013


A group of friends, a surprising find of a bag loaded with 4 million dollars that leads to greed, breach of trust and understanding, unwanted crimes, guilt and mess leading to mounting tragedy. The material and plot of the film is all too familiar but Sam Raimi skillfully unfolded the entire film leading us to one crime followed up by another and then the consequences of their crime. The film is an engaging thrill and drama portraying personal tension, fear and messy affair of its three protagonists; otherwise living so happily their normal working class existence. I just loved the way Raimi used snow clad chilly setting (reminds me Coen’s ‘Fargo’). The drama is finely pulled by all three key partners in crime. Billy Bob Thornton & Billy Paxton are just flawless. But the twist of their simple plan has its forth key player in form of working class wife and her dreams playing the role of catalyst string into action and pointing them to deeper mess.  And then when drama got so predictable, there comes another interesting turn. This is  Sam Raimi’s best so far. 

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