Sunday, October 27, 2013


Harry Garmes is solitary retired man who knows his job damn well and that is driving his rare BMW 503 convertible as fast as possible. It’s been nine years since he took any transporting assignment for baddies and he’s on the last run to cross border a criminal and his girlfriend. But things didn’t turn in his favour.  Though bombed at box office by audience and attacked by critics, this thin on plot and gritty on pace crime thriller directed by Richard Fleischer has number of things to ponder about. Leading in that list first and foremost is one of most vibrating Morriconesque theme score of Jerry Goldsmith in the opening & ending titles. The mid age George C. Scott is portrayed here in the tradition of  Bogart and the man really done fine job once again. And in addition to that, it has brilliantly executed and shot extraordinary car chase sequence on landscape hills and curves of European locales by Sven Nykvist. Yes, the film could be made better if helmed by John Huston but then that’s again hypothetic cliché or common reaction about many such films.  

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