Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I’ve got mixed views about this film from many community members but they all agree that Jack Nicholson’s performance is just impeccable. How can I deny when it’s one of my all time favorite!!! Anyway, there’s another good reason to watch this film. He is Director Alexander Payne. Much before seeing this, I watched his Academy nominated ‘Sideways’, a refined comedy about connoisseurs of wine, women and friendship and the situational flux of life and it is really a lingering experience.

‘About Schmidt’ was made prior to ‘Sideways’ but it still bears some good comic punches of Mr. Warren Schmidt’s character, a recently retired insurance man. Soon after his retirement, he lost his irritating old wife. Life is not happening playground when you cross your sixties. His only reclaim of my life is his young daughter Jennie but his inner grudge towards his son-in law and his mother stared giving him enough embarrassment for his free old age life. Jack Nicholson perfectly blends a certain amount of inherent anger in behind his façade of cool and harmless old man and that’s the thing to watch here. What is unique about Nicholson is as you watch his films one after another you just start liking his refreshing acting and vivid characters more and more. It does not happen with every good actor; some of the very good actors ended up being fixed or typecast and often seen repeating themselves.

Although there’s nothing much to ponder about the film in length but Director Payne and co-writer Taylor conveyed cold hearted dry humor with deep rooted human characteristics not easy to modify until Mr. Schmidt finds meaning and some small reward in a quite gesture of good will.
Love it or hate it but you can’t ignore Mr. Schmidt.

Ratings- 7/10

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