Sunday, September 13, 2009


Arnold Schwarzenegger, Breathtaking visual effects and mind-blowing action that’s what we expect from any Terminator films. Arnold is absent here but there’s no compromise in the rest of the expected CGI visual entertainment backed up with some of the brilliant and best action sequences I’ve seen this year. What it lacks is acceptable replacement of towering tough savior hero and those spectacular visual effects of late Stan Winston which led me to watch T2 maximum number of times in cinema hall when I was in higher secondary school. Yes, I missed Arnold here quite terribly.

Time is 2018. Future of humanity is again at peril. An infiltration prototype programmed part man-part machine named Marcus is resurrected to save the human race from extinction under the looming danger of Skynet machines and army of Terminators. Connor is on resistance mission and Marcus helps him to reach his destiny. There’s nothing of new conception or creatively experimental in the plot or structure which uplifts this sequel. Its more ‘damn the story, show the kickass action’ kind of entertainment. Director McG, who earlier directed Charlie’s Angels, has not applied much of his head on scripting board but only on mega production project keenly awaited.

Watch only if you don’t want to muddle much of your head in story but just to enjoy awesome action entertainer.

Ratings- 6/10


Luv said...

And the future is not at all fearful, as it was in T2. The tried to make it believable, as 2018 is near i guess, losing the edge. Dock another point for that!

HIREN DAVE said...

fully agree...besides neither christian bale nor worthington seems rock solid like arnie...