Sunday, September 27, 2009

WANTED (2009)

India’s most wanted Choreographer Prabhu Deva hits his debut bollywood directorial venture. Its remake of his Tamil hit ‘Pokkiri’. The film is nothing more than typical mediocre masala entertainer stuffed with South Indian style fast action, pelvic thrusting dance, mechanical one liner dialogue delivery, usual screen romance and few really good rushes of comedy.

Can we expect acting from Salman? But he is ‘the hero’. Though Salman has nothing new to offer except shooting bullets, dancing and wearing arrogant attitude, the character suits him and that’s reason which carries this film for good box office collection. Ayesha Takia is cutie pie and she has nothing much to do except accidentally meeting and romancing with his hulk hero anywhere in shopping mall, train, gym or lift. As tobacco spitting, foul mouth, lecherous corrupt cop Mahesh Manjrekar repeated himself what he knows best. Govind Namdev and Vinod Khanna is utter waste material. South India’s rising talent and this year’s National Award winning actor Prakash Raj has done the role of lead villain. In most of the scenes he seems formulaic baddy, sometimes seems caricatured but made his presence felt.

Watch if you are in mood of some popcorn entertainment.

Ratings- 5.5/10

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