Sunday, September 20, 2009


Written for the screen and Directed by Roman Polanski, the film is possibly one of the finest horror films ever made. The horror is not external force like any spooky trash but more psychological and internal devastation of character. Its story of young couple named Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and Guy (John Cassavates) expecting their first child in their newly tenanted house in urban town. The aged neighbors of the apartment become the part and parcel of young couple’s life and this is the beginning of the horror. Horror comes from the least expected side-your next-door caring neighbor. Soon Rosemary becomes pregnant but what she’s conceiving isn’t human; it’s the devil’s baby.

Polanski’s world is full of existential paradox that each of us is alone in the indifferent world. In this film plot is revolving around Rosemary’s greatest wish to be a first time mother. What she deals is the worst nightmare of rearing the devil’s child. The acid test for her comes when she witnesses her evil child. Just like universal mothers she accept her child or she rejects it- is the central message of the film.

Like any other Polanski film, it uniformly proves some of the finest performances from almost all star cast. Mia Farrow is angelic beauty fighting her doomed fate is just perfect choice as lead protagonist. As her next-door neighbor Ruth Gordon won an Oscar for her performance. All the supported actors have also done fine work and stick to their character detailing. The second half of the film is so gripping and I must say that in a very few films we witness such a spine chilling thrill climax.
A Classic Thriller.
Highly recommended if you haven’t seen it yet.


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