Saturday, July 31, 2010


Apt to its title it’s really UNTHINKABLE or if you wish just separate the two words UNABLE (to) THINK. It’s mind-blowing film, an engaging, intense and shocking drama. Getting heard few rough patches of story from one of friend’s recommendation I thought it would be another version of ‘A Wednesday’ from Hollywood. Thank God, I’m wrong. Though subject is the same, the theme and treatment of this film raise many pertinent questions about what is right and what is wrong or maybe drawing us towards a situation where who’s right and who’s wrong is distorted truth.

The film opens with a video recording footage of an American Muslim man Yusuf aka Steven Arthur Younger claiming that he planted three nuclear bombs in different cities of States. Within few minutes he surrendered himself voluntarily knowing its dire aftermath. FBI’s special agent Helen is involved to interrogate under weird and sadist specialist military interrogator named H. There’s huge dichotomy between methods and attitudes of these two interrogators where one is ethical and believes in negotiation, the other is diabolic face and believes in severe physical and mental torture to get the information. After severe torture and emotional scratching he opens the mouth and made two unique demands to the President. Now they have few hours left and he confesses them that it’s a it really? I need not spoil film more here onwards.

Along with giving tension filled intense drama of one and half hour and showing two poles apart personalities of interrogators, the director pinpointed many questionable things from Middle East policy of US to the reasonable demands made by fearless face of grave fanatic. At one point of interrogation H said- “The winner gets to take the moral high ground because they get to write the history books.” Absolutely true statement but the serious question is Does winning with power sum it all? The question is not whether there’s another bomb ticking out in the end but the question is who and what corrupt the mind of whom? Who’s the real perpetrator here? What will happen to those kids who’ve faced the ugliest face of humanity? Perhaps dealing with unthinkable one too becomes unthinkable.

Back in action is Samuel Jackson in one of his power pack performance as cruel interrogator H…he’s just cold blooded psychopathic interrogator you’ve ever seen on screen. He’s finely supported by Carrie Anne Moss and Michael Sheen. Director Gregor Jordan and writers Oren Moverman & Peter Woodward surely deserve two thumbs up.

Highly recommended for those who haven’t seen it…One of the best and impressive Hollywood film of this year.


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Taral said...

I saw this sometime back. It's a good one