Monday, March 28, 2011


‘I’m a Mujahidddin and I’m making a scene

Now you’s gonna feel what the boom boom means!’

Here is an absolutely underrated mind blowing British laugh riot of the last year loaded with four loose cannon Mujahiddin jehadis. Islam is cracking up in foreign shores and here’s bunch of four abroad living English speaking morons guided by another nerd trying to be Jihadi fighters. Omar, Faisal, Waj, Hassan are like any of those confused desi you can meet in London streets. They love rap music, counter strike and Hollywood action. They took solemn oath to sacrifice their lives for Jihad. To involve the moderate Muslims in Jihad they’re planning to bomb the mosque culminated in final climax at London marathon. From beginning to end, the film is all unimaginable fun loaded heavily with dark humor and screwball fun. They eat their SIM cards for anti surveillance, practice mock shooting while dancing on rap tune and even by blunder blow Al-Qaeda training camp with rocket launcher.

Their embracing glory is narrated and recorded on voyeuristic cameras and where wisecracking humor popping up in every scene you follow but what’s absolutely amazing is hearing those innovative desi Punjabi flavored slang lines popping up in between. It has brilliant chemistry between all four of them. Especially smarter ass Omar and confused forever Waj sharing swapping of brain and heart’s voice. Writer-Director Christopher Morris

A comic tour de force…Highly recommended.


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