Sunday, March 27, 2011


A simple, moving drama about a shocking but mature couple and their families stuck in the phase of shifting seventies. It’s a situation here- a girl returned to home to introduce and inform her family about the committed man who’s not only black person but ten years older and a married man who lost his wife and a child in an accident. The surprised and shocked parents of white girl have limited hours to make their decision. Adding insult to injury, the black man’s parents turning up to the girl’s family for dinner invitation adding another baggage of tension for the couple and audience. Well, all is well that ends well but that’s not the point here. One has to watch the film for the sole reason how effective director and brilliant performances maintained the film's big message coiled so delicately into domestic and personal traits with simple, finely restrained and touching manner of drama.

The drama is not about just two families and four men but between two generations as well. It’s a domestic case of concerning and caring parents who’re very hard nut to crack trapped in their rooted conventions Vs the committed and liberal modern generation couple who’s ready to break the ice no matter what. Breaking the walls of deeply rooted mental inhibitions and social unacceptable thing was not easy to conclude within a few hours of a day like an ultimatum. It’s not easy task to carry such a conversation driven drama running with a slow progress but hates off to all the cast that it seems so convincing, probable and lightly entertaining on screen from beginning to end.

The performances are all so genuine and well abstained from melodrama whether it’s Sidney Poitier and Katherine Houghton or Spencer Tracy in his last role of career along with fine acts of all supporting cast but the most touching, natural and memorable act comes from legendary Katherine Hepburn as the mother of the girl in her another Oscar winning act; she still hold the record of winning maximum numbers of Oscars- 4 times! The lady even in her old age looked so lovely and full of grace. However I must admit that Tracy steals the show in the last ten minutes oratory. Along with fine drama, brilliant acts, its worth to mention brilliantly written unpretentious and simple dialogues which makes you move; the reason why classics are always joy to watch.

Highly recommended to all classic lovers.


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