Friday, March 25, 2011

MOON (2009)

An impressive, different and praiseworthy attempt of British independent cinema; Director Duncan Jones debut film ‘Moon’ is not just routine space mission meets catastrophe sort of sci-fi. It’s more a personal film about the existential dilemma of a man and his emotional vacuum 950,000 miles far away from his home and family. It begins with futuristic world where men found the solution of energy crisis in Helium3-the energy of sun, trapped in rock and harvested by machine from the far side of the moon which can serve the energy needs of nearly 70% planet earth. Anyway that’s just one note; the next thing we notice is a lone man named Sam Bell in his moon traveler. He’s on long haul contract of three years by Lunar Industries; missing his wife and child. He has only one companion- helper and a constant witness of his life on moon- a computer cum robot named Gerty. Anyway his contract is near to end but it’s during last few weeks on mission he started getting distracted by hallucinations leading him to an accident. He was survived but soon started noticing his clone like replica. Next is intriguing emotional and thrill drama till its end. Sam Rockwell is absolutely wonderful here and the film is completely on his shoulder from beginning to the end. In nutshell not an outstanding film but a film which demands your attention for its low budget high execution of independent cinema.



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