Tuesday, March 8, 2011


A compelling humanitarian film based on one of the factual ethnic blood massacre of African continent. Its film showing us the extraordinary courage and effort of an ordinary man to save lives of around thousand men in one of the most tragic and pathetic genocide couple of years ago. The warfare of hatred between Hutu and Tutsi reached peak when President of Rwanda was murdered by Tutsi rebel forces. The blind rage and aggression under Hutu power turned the streets of Kigali into bloodbath slaughtering Tutsi innocent civilians. UN Peace Keeping Forces remained helpless to control the diabolic face of ethnic hatred and the Hutu Radio kept poisoning the brain of Hutu civilians to destroy the ‘Tutsi cockroaches.’

The only ‘oasis in the desert’ is the man named Paul working as In charge Manager of Milles Collines Hotel in the city. He’s just upright family man who knows how to make powerful men and diplomats happy with offering finest scotch and cigars. His initial effort to save his family and close neighborhood Tutsi family-friends turned into humanitarian mission as situation become worst to survive. Soon the hotel became the HQ of around thousand Tutsi refugees and orphan kids coming from all walks of the city. The only hope for them is Paul and favorable support from one of the UN army officer. Somehow they managed to shift many of refugees to safe place but the news had spread to Hutu power much before they reached the destination.

The film is concerning humanitarian document made with an honest approach parallel to Spielberg’s holocaust drama ‘Schindler’s List’. Whether it’s Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo or any other actors, the performance remained so natural abstaining over dramatic effect. Though the film is based on factual details and it’s not a documentary film, it triggered many brooding questions about UN and other countries direct intervention to prevent and save the civilians from this bloody massacre. Well, its eye-opener to get the facts right; reading this FAQ on IMDB again pointed fingers towards colonial rulers who set the flame of discrimination between the two. Catch the following IMDB FAQ link - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0395169/faq#.2.1.1


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