Friday, May 6, 2011

BROKEN EMBRACES (Spanish) (2009)

‘Movies have to be finished, even blindfolded…’

A blind film director living strangely with two names and he has past untold to his son. A strange accident brought both of them together and he starts telling him a story of his own. How his passionate film-making treaded him to a passionate affair with his heroine and how an insecure man destroyed both his great love and his most beloved film.

Writer, director Pedro Almodovar’s last released film is complex yet intense and passionate drama about a hushed love affair, an artistic movie making and a hidden truth attached to both. He used brilliant voyeuristic edge to it, where a Peeping Tom records everything on his voyeuristic camera. It is visually as beautiful and as artistic as you expect from European cinema and Almodovar has beautifully used resplendent primary colors- whether it’s setting, dress, background or landscapes.

But the big reason to watch is irresistibly beautiful Penelope Cruz who so long remains Almodovar’s cinematic muse and I must say that she is evolving as one of the wonderful actress to look forward with rare combination of beauty and talent. It left me quite unsatisfied in vague and sudden ending but maybe that’s how artistic films are…ended blindfolded when you expect them more.


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